Finnish Mozilla localization

Briefly in English

New. Mozilla 1.7.2 is now translated to Finnish.

There are 4 Finnish language packs available on this page and on For Mozilla 1.7/1.7.2 (this page), For Mozilla 1.6 (this page), for Mozilla 1.5 (this page), (, for Mozilla 1.4/1.4.1 (this page) ( and for Mozilla 1.3 (this page) ( The packets are translated from en-US language/region pack and the whole translation is done by me, Henri Jalonen, except for the DOM Inspector, which translated by Ville Pohjanheimo (Finnish Firefox localizer). Packets are installable xpi-files and contains also profile files and some searchplugins for searches from Finnish content only.

What my language packs do not localize:
They don't localize Mozilla components that are not in en-US language pack i.e. Chatzilla and JavaScript Debugger (Venkman) nor any extensions like Calendar. Also all the help files of Mozilla are still without localization. (I know, this can be seen as a major deficiency. Currently the packets include the original English html-files of help.) The Finnish language pack for Mozilla 1.3 is a little bit unaccomplished. It is also missing translations for Chatzilla and help and plus it still has the original access keys (at least) in Messenger and Composer. Right now it looks like I can't be sure if I ever finish that project since for example I currently don't have a computer where to install Mozilla 1.3 for testing and quality assurance of that language pack.

Current status and the future of the language pack

Right now I don't have any plans (no time) to translate the parts that were left undone (eg. Chatzilla). So future development of those components is in state "help needed". In future there will also be translated help, as Jaakko Kaisanlahti has kindly promised to work on the subject. (Help files already localized by Jaakko are not yet included into language pack.)

On the top of my priority list will still be fixing misspelled words and other possible bugs in this language pack if someone founds such things. So all the bug reports are welcome and I will try to provide updates that will fix those bugs.

If you want to contact me, please send mail to address h.jalonen[at] Logo
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